We bring qualified companies incremental business, i.e.

NEW business not possible without the services we provide.


The Immediate Objective: An Agreement with a Bank  


Our company is looking to partner with a banking organization. 


A Swiss organization has created a financial powerhouse in that country by adding the services of a traditional bank to the dynamics provided by a well-organized, asset-backed, trade system.


We have created such a trade system, a duplicate of the Swiss, planning, at some point in its evolution, to merge the trade system with a U. S. banking organization.


In 2010 we contacted US Bank and work began which extended until 2013 when US Bank made an offer  to acquire 51% of our company.  Reluctant to yield control, we declined the offer and continued to develop the trade system and we are now ready to negotiate an arrangement with a bank interested in assuming US Bank’s position in the venture.





Why Partner with a Bank?


As is the case with the Swiss system, our trade system will also benefit from an arrangement with a bank by:

  • Having the back-office operations of the system performed by the bank. It closely resembles a banking operation, however, not subject to banking regulatory oversight and capital requirements. It entails accepting new clients, maintaining accounts, extending credit, etc. and deriving revenues from interest and fees.

  • Using the Bank’s influence in the business community to facilitate the use of the ATS System and lend credibility to the project.

To a bank, we bring:

  • A new, innovative, financial tool not available to other banks and capable of generating new clients for the bank.

  • By combining the bank’s services with the dynamics of the trade system we create compelling reasons for companies to switch banks and generate transactions.

  • trade system ready to operate: the software, all documentation and everything else required. The System is self-capitalized and, unlike traditional banks, it has no cost of funds when extending credit and interest revenue is generated in cash.

  • A fully developed, and tested, marketing plan.

  • The opportunity to assume the position of  a major U. S. bank that has invested 3 years’ worth of due diligence and R&D, and step into a turn-key opportunity that has extremely low risk factors and immense upside.


After an agreement with a banking partner is reached, a plan is implemented outlining the interaction between the trade system and the bank and identifying the functions and responsibilities of everyone involved.  Next, we set a launch date and go to work. 



            The Hawk Project

The Project combines a revolutionary financial model with proprietary marketing methodologies. 

Clients' benefits are:

  • New sales with a very low cost of customer acquisition ..MORE
  • An enhancement to a company's sustainable growth ..MORE
  • Participation in the Trade System at no capital cost ..MORE
  • Credit line available at extremely low cost ..MORE




Value Proposition
(video 2:27)

The  Value Proposition  is  irrefutable and   gives  a   qualified   company  a compelling reason to use the financial product.




 The Hawk Group


The Hawk Group was formed in 1976 to expand Ezio Valentini’s activities to the U.S. It has operated in real estate investments and developments and in high technology call centers.


To participate in the project a company must:

          ● Be interested in increased sales, cash flow and profits

          ● Be profitable, creditworthy and doing a certain amount of business

          ● Be in one of these five sectors:

  • Hospitality

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Professional Services

  • Corporate Retail  


American Trade System (ATS)

The American Trade System (ATS) manages the financial operation. It is anticipated the functions of ATS will be performed by an American bank.

Hawk Marketing


Hawk Marketing has operated for 38 years specializing in complex projects using emerging technologies and proprietary marketing methodologies. The operation has evolved into a virtual call center and leads the industry in the use of video calling and conferencing in commercial applications. 

View the Hawk Marketing Video.




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