We bring qualified companies incremental business, i.e.

NEW business not possible without the services we provide.


                                                                     The Hawk Project



The project combines a revolutionary financial model with proprietary marketing methodologies. 

 The benefits are:


   New sales with a very low cost of client acquisition ...LEARN MORE

  ●  An enhancement to a company's sustainable growth ...LEARN MORE

  ●  Participation in the trade system at no capital cost ...LEARN MORE

    Credit line available at low capital cost ...LEARN MORE




To participate in the project a company must:




        Be interested in increased sales, cash flow and profits

       Be profitable, creditworthy and doing a certain amount of business

        Be in one of these five sectors:





  Professional Services

  Corporate Retail


Value Proposition

(video 2:27)


The Value Proposition is irrefutable and gives a qualified company a compelling reason to use the financial product.





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 The Hawk Group


The Hawk Group was formed in 1976 to expand Ezio Valentiniís activities to the U.S. It has operated in real estate investments and developments and in high technology call centers.


American Trade System



The American Trade System (ATS) manages the financial operation. 


Hawk Marketing



Hawk Marketing has operated for 38 years specializing in complex projects using emerging technologies and proprietary marketing methodologies. The operation has evolved into a virtual call center and leads the industry in the use of video calling and conferencing in commercial applications. 

View the Hawk Marketing Video.