We bring qualified companies NEW business 

not possible without the services we provide.


We are Job Creators.....


As a sales and marketing organization, we have formed 26 corporate entities in the U.S. Each was created to pursue ventures in various sectors. Our strength is the ability to recruit, train and manage a sales force and contract with companies that provide goods or services that can be sold using our unconventional methods.


We have a spotless record and, along the way, we adopted emerging communication and other technologies and developed proprietary marketing methodologies, which make us the most advanced sales organization anywhere.


Some of our projects:

       •   Created 132+ virtual positions, marketing the financial services of the WIR Bank in Switzerland.

       •   Created 200+ virtual sales jobs marketing chemical products to the Italian agricultural sector.

       •   Participated in an operation, by a major airline, that brought 1,000+ permanent jobs to Utah.

       •   Created 1,000s of jobs while operating a Salt Lake City brick-and-mortar call center which, eventually,

           evolved into a virtual call center.


In as little as 4 weeks, we take a broker/recruit and have him/her fully trained, functional and very well paid.


Our current U.S. project is the perfect vehicle for our skills. It is a close duplicate of our operation in Switzerland, which, currently, generates 16M in monthly transaction volume.  






Value Proposition
(video 2:27)

The  Value Proposition  is  irrefutable and   gives  a   qualified   company  a compelling reason to use the financial product.


Strategic Partnerships


As part of the overall plan, the company will enter into partnerships with entities that bring value to the project. Partnerships are planned in these areas:


     1.  Finance/Banking – An agreement with a financial institution able to manage the back-office

         operation of ATS. Duties will include the operation of the credit extension mechanism.


     2. Major Sectors – The System provides services to:

1.  Hospitality    

2.  Construction   

3.  Manufacturing    

4.  Professional Services    

5.  Corporate Retail


We seek individuals and companies with experience and expertise in the 5 disciplines, to establish highly profitable relationships. 


    Corporate History

Ezio and Rebecca Valentini and the Hawk Group's corporate history from the records of  the  State of  Utah, where  they headquartered for 25 years. They  formed    17  corporate  entities  with 3 currently  operating.   The  companies   were  created to  pursue ventures  and, upon  the  projects’ completion, were sold or terminated. They also formed 9 companies in 5 other Western States.


All  projects  were  completed  without  a  failure,  complaint,  default,  lawsuit  or bankruptcy.  


 The Hawk Group


The Hawk Group was formed in 1976 to expand Ezio Valentini's activities to the U. S.  It has operated in real estate, finance, entertainment, investments and high technology call centers.



                                   The Hawk Project


The Project combines a revolutionary financial model with proprietary marketing methodologies. 


Clients' benefits are:

  • New sales with a very low cost of customer acquisition ..MORE

  • An enhancement to a company's sustainable growth ..MORE

  • Participation in the Trade System at no capital cost ..MORE

  • Credit line available at extremely low cost ..MORE


  To participate in the project a company must:

● Be interested in increased sales, cash flow and profits

Be profitable, creditworthy and doing a certain amount of business

● Be in one of these five sectors:

  • Hospitality

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Professional Services

  • Corporate Retail  

Hawk Marketing


Hawk Marketing (HM) has operated for four decades specializing in complex projects using emerging technologies and proprietary marketing methodologies. The operation has evolved into a virtual call center and leads the industry in the use of video calling and conferencing in commercial applications.   

View the Hawk Marketing Video.


American Trade System (ATS)

The American Trade System (ATS) manages the financial operation. It is anticipated the functions of ATS will be performed by an American bank.




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